Natural Lose Weight Essence Oil

No poisonous, environmental and safe.
The crowd: local obesity, keep slim.
The main effect: to promote blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen the excess fat and moisture of the decomposition and metabolism, to help the body detox, deep cleansing and astringent skin, balance sebum secretion,effectively enhance the skin tightness and elasticity, Shape the body, make lumbar curve more perfect .

Usage: After cleaning , Take proper amount of essential oil to apply evenly to the position you want to lose weight (with about 10-15 drops), after the massage, during scraping, (If you feel dry, can increase the amount of essential oil), scraping action each at least 30 times or more.

Note: It is recommended before using this product for the first time, take a little use, if not, please stop using it. Avoid contact with eyes.

Net content: 30ml.
Ingredients: pepper fruit oil, ginger root oil, Mediterranean cypress oil, grapefruit peel oil.

Package Content:
1 bottle oil