February 05, 2018

Deep down inside we know that we should all lead a healthy lifestyle by eating nourishing food and exercising regularly. But instead of fruits, vegetables and whole grains we gorge on fast food and junk food. Our idea of exercise is to walk to the refrigerator to grab a snack during TV commercials. Now we want to get rid of the extra pounds we piled on because we want to look good and feel good. What is the fastest way to lose unwanted pounds and get that slim and trim figure we all want?

Dieting and exercise are obviously the most effective ways to achieve a toned body. But both require lots of effort, commitment and discipline. Lacking these, we are bound to fail. Fortunately, there is an easier and faster way to lose excess flab. Body slimming creams are now available in the market to help trim and tone the body.

Many slimming creams contain cocoa extract and caffeine to increase metabolism and burn body fat. They often contain capsicum or red pepper extract that helps shed fat and get rid of cellulite because of its thermogenic effect or body fat burning properties. Slimming creams also contain ingredients that limit fat accumulation, firm up the body, decrease water retention and nourish the skin.

Body slimming cream is best applied with soft, gentle massage. This helps to activate circulation and decongest tissue. As you massage the skin, the temperature increases and improves the absorption of active ingredients. Most creams must be applied on targeted areas twice a day. Rub the cream using your entire palms with an upward circular movement. You may feel a slight tingling sensation which simply shows that the cream is doing its job.